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TD is a proven leadership practitioner.

With decades of diverse executive experience, he delivers fresh, bold insights drawn from some of the toughest situations a leader can face.

He's served as Commanding Officer of an operational Navy squadron and a joint military air base; led creation of a 501(c)3 charity and served as its first President and drove historic transformational change of two national non-profits as a major market leader in each. He's a renowned coach, speaker and teacher, as well as a husband, father and adventurer.

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Certified by John Maxwell

As a member of the John Maxwell Team, TD is licensed by the world's top leadership influencer to grow your team using world-class core learning systems. He's an executive coachkeynote speaker and leadership trainer who amplifies and animates delivery with real-world examples from life in the government and private sectors.

Leadership Cultivation - more than training.

  • Coach - TD's coaching method is designed for both immediate results and life long professional growth. With an awareness that coaching fosters a different professional relationship than mentorship, TD immerses himself in the expectations, goals and challenges of a rising or seasoned leader, drawing out the next-level of leadership from within.
  • Speaker - Enrich your next industry conference, annual retreat or board meeting with inspiration and insight from real-life stories they're not likely to forget. TD focuses on powerful illustrations that transcend industry boundaries.
  • Trainer - Create a team culture; develop a succession plan and make leadership a thriving part of your organization, driving positive bottom-line impact. Far beyond traditional "rah rah", TD conveys hard-learned lessons to hungry leaders looking for an edge and, in the process, contributes to your company's culture, mission and revenue success – immediately and for the long haul.
- TD Smyers

"Everything affecting your team's success hinges on leadership - competitiveness, culture, agility, retention, legacy - everything."


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